The Joker & Arthur

Modeling in Zbrush - The Joker

Rigged and animated to be an Avatar in Second life.

This Body are Full Bento and you can also Change your Shape (I give a shape ready In copy/Modify)

This Body working also with any Animationlike Dance etc...

I enjoyed creating this avatar and I hope you will like it

All review are very welcome and apreciated

Have Fun

This Avatar ar full wearable without any other mesh body but you can use it also with ADAM mesh body (chest slim recommended)

I give 2 heads one SL neck and one with long neck and chest part to wearing with Arthur fashion if you have not a mesh body

I'm also happy to offer you in this pack a Paper-bag-Giver (you can give some items to anyone a gift of the Joker :)

(6 nice items copy/transfer) to use it it's really simply just wear the paper-bagand anyone can click on it to receive a random item.

** if you click on your Backpack you can active or detractive the over text to show how much items you have giving ^^

You can also limit the giver by "Daily" "Hourly" or "No-limit"

Purchase on Second Life

Full Fashion Mesh and Head Bento

[] Rigged mesh

[] Full Bento

[] two head models

[] 100 % creation Original

[] two Body "fashion" (Joker Full fashion & Arthur full fashion)

[] hair (Joker model + Arthur model)

[] Eyes

[] hands Bento

[] Shoes

[] paper bag (items giver + 6 items)

[] High Definition

[] Material ready

[] Copy/Modify ( Only the mesh are Copy/Modify Not the Script)

[]3 skin head + one skin body applier ADAM + 1 skin BOM for other body

Extra goodises offer

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