Modeling in Zbrush Pennywise Rigged and animated to be an Avatar in Second life.


This is an original Creation

with this video you can understand the complexity to create product like this one :) and i hope you enjoy it.

This Body are Full Bento and you can also Change your Shape (I give a shape ready In copy/Modify)

This Body working also with any Animation like Dance etc...

I enjoyed creating this avatar and I hope you will like it

All review are very welcome and appreciated

Have Fun

[] Rigged mesh

[] Full Bento

[] AO - Animation Override "offered"

[] 100 % creation Original

[] Body "fashion"

[] Head (2 models, one with Hair and one without)

[] Eyes

[] Shjoes & Gloves


[] High Definition

[] Material ready

[] Copy/Modify ( Only the mesh are Copy/Modify Not tha Script)

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